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08-27-2010, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by 1SJSharkie1 View Post
I would much rather have Nolan than Guerin, but that's probably the Sharks fan in me talking. Guerin = playoff dud (and now regular season too), Nolan = warrior.
In general me too, in specific to what the Habs might need, I am seeing Guerin with 20 goals, and if we were going to sign an extreme-veteran player, I'd like to see one who I thought had at least some outside shot of stepping up into a top-6 role. I don't really have huge confidence that Guerin really could do even that, mind you. And I don't really think he could contribute much/anything in the bottom-6 either. But the top-6 need would still feel more acute, if it materialized, than a bottom-6 need would. Anyway, I don't see Nolan having even an outside chance at filling in to a top-6 role. Maybe I'm wrong. But he would be better in the bottom-6 than Guerin would. Maybe it's more of a wash even for the Habs needs.

I'd feel pretty comfortable waiting until either one signed elsewhere or got even more desperate, though. Not that at their age with what they should have in their bank accounts by now the word "desperate" exactly applies... "hungry", say.

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