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10-03-2003, 07:20 AM
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Originally Posted by JasonMacIsaac
Thats an insult towards Kariya, he stuck by that horrible franchise and they wouldn't put any money into the team so they could win. He was a true leader and needed to move on.
You need to check your facts before you speak.

The Ducks put money into the team for sure. When Kariya, Selanne and Hebert were all playing together (until 00-01), the Ducks were 7th in the league in player payroll. It was just that a disproportionate amount of the total payroll was tied up in these three players, with Kariya leading the way at $10M/yr. So fast forward to this past season and offseason. When it looks like the Ducks are starting to turn the franchise around, and they need their captain to take a pay cut to try to improve the team (hey, didn't Steve Yzerman do this so the Wings could sign Hull? Wow, what a concept!), the captain bolts. Yeah, that's leadership. Guess Kariya didn't want to be a captain like Yzerman so much after all, even though that was what he was telling everyone.

If Kariya didn't say things in the media to build up his loyal captain, good soldier image (by sticking it out with the Ducks when they sucked), him jumping ship wouldn't be so much an issue. The problem is his actions don't match his words or the image he has so carefully been spinning for the last nine years.

When people, especially the Canadian media and hockey fans, accused Kariya of staying in Anaheim only for the money (because why else would *anyone* who loved the sport of hockey *want* to play in the hockey purgatory that is Anaheim?), Anaheim fans defended Kariya's actions because he always said these accusations were not true. So now look who was right and who was wrong.

Leadership isn't bleeding an organization for $10M/yr. and then bolting to another team, with whom you have no history, for $1.2M/yr., when your team needs your help so they can be stronger in the long run.

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