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08-27-2010, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
You are the one presenting misleading data since you are trying to show that what was happening on the ice was not happening.

Taking Guy Lafleur's two best playmaking seasons - one from each period in question where the other Canadiens scored approximately the same number of total goals.

1976-77 Guy Lafleur 56G/80A. Montreal Canadiens scored 387 goals. Effectively the other players scored 331 goals and Lafleur assisted on 80 of them or 24.2%.

1981-82 Guy Lafleur 27G/57A playing only 66 games. Montreal Canadiens scored 360 goals. Effectively the other players scored 333 goals. Not adjusting for the missing games Lafleur assisted on 57 of them or 17.1%.

Spin it whatever way you want, adjust to your heart's content but you will not avoid the fact that Guy Lafleur's playmaking skills were diminishing. His playmaking dropped significantly even though the players on his team were scoring more and did not miss him when he was not playing.
Lafleur declined after 1980??

Wow, you don't say!!!

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I really don't see how anyone can possibly argue Bossy as a an equal or better playmaker than Lafleur, unless you really believe he was a much better overall player than Lafleur, which goes against the general perception of history.

We know Bossy was the better finisher. We know that he was a better backchecker (though not as good as his linemates). Yet Lafleur is usually ranked higher... because he is an all-time great playmaker. Am I missing something? It seems that a brutal manipulation of stats (comparing Bossy's prime with Lafleur's pre-prime years or using "per game" stats that including Lafleur's awful comeback years) is the only way you can say they are close when it comes to playmaking.
Yeah... I don't know how this is still being discussed, even.

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