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08-27-2010, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Bossy was actually a better playmaker than Guy Lafleur. First five seasons Mike Bossy had 270 assists while Guy Lafleur had 233. On a per game basis / career Mike Bossy at .74 > .70 Guy Lafleur. The rebound assists would tend to wash since they were both great shooters.So your assertion that Lafleur was a "much more supreme playmaker" is not supported by data at any level.
The other posters kind of called you on that so I won't bother with how you seemingly ignored Lafleur's WHOLE career. I will add this though, from a purely statistical point of view this is how the assists break down. Lafleur at his best:

Lafleur - 1, 2, 2, 3, 3

Bossy was nowhere near that and before someone comes in saying "well NO ONE would lead the NHL in assists with Gretzky in there". I've got that covered. Bossy would have never been more than 3rd in assists without Gretzky. But what my eyes tell me is that Lafleur was also the better playmaker. People took offense to me saying "much more supreme playmaker" but I'll say that it is definitely noticeable on my end and this is a compliment considering Bossy was very good himself. But I've seen it on here, when we've compared the best playmakers in NHL history Lafleur's name has been mentioned, Bossy's hasn't.

Regardless of the spin and selecting favourable comparables Bryan Trottier was a much better hockey player than Guy Lafleur, while Mike Bossy was somewhat better. Guy Lafleur had more artistic flair and better press.
Count me in as a guy who looks beyond the "blonde mane of hair while he's flying down the right wing" and judge Lafleur simply for how he played the game and dominated the game. He was more poetic than Bossy sure, but if I were starting a team from scratch I'd pick Lafleur. Because of Trottier's all around prescence it would give me a lot more to analyze if I were comparing him to Lafleur though

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