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Originally Posted by GSC2k2 View Post
Um, about that ...

i noticed this was discussed during my absence.

Do you understand what a "retweet" is? It is rather easy to think that someone is writing a tweet themselves, rather than simply re-publishing one by someone else. You freequently do that when someone writes a funny tweet. It is like telling a joke that you heard from someone else.

The above Kovalchuk one was a retweet by Jones of a joke someone else made.

Again, see above regarding re-tweets. That is someone else's comment.
I understand what a "retweet" is, but I am having a difficult time understanding your point. Is it that "iceedgedj" is using other peoples' humorous and/or facetious musings to exhibit his own perspective on the situation? If someone retweets an insensitive or inappropriate joke, doesn't that convey something about them too?

For whatever reason, Daryl Jones thought that it would be a good idea to use his Twitter account to communicate, often obtusely, about the IEH's bid to own the Coyotes. I, and evidently others on this board, think that retweeting others' facetious musings conveys a lack of seriousness on his part, which unfortunately fits with the overall impression that many have had about IEH as a potential ownership group for the Coyotes.

Have you been following iceedgedj's recent tweeting? If so, do you really think it matters that some of his previous posts have been "retweets" in terms of his perspective on the situation?

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