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10-03-2003, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Sabres22
I've watched enough games to know the way he stops the puck is just horrendous. It's Miller time, he's ready at NHL level, and if you think otherwise, what made Biron ready? Nothing, IMO Biron shoudl still be in the minors or a backup, maybe thats all he really can be is just a back up...

give miller a shot, you have the same if not better chance of winning with him in as you do with a Biron in net.
I remember we had a guy here at one time, he was famous for giving up the weak goal every now and then. He even had streaks where he was very inconsistant and games where he gave up 5 or more goals against relatively weak opponents...

I believe his name was Hasek....

Edit: Please note that I'm not saying that Biron is as good as Hasek, or will be at any point in the future. But I am saying that even the best gaolies are inconsistant at times...

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