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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
i don't get all the talk about Guerin in the top 6...

it's pretty obvious that we would have no interest in bringing him in to play a permanent top-6 role, and if you think about it that way, OF COURSE it seems pointless.

but bringing him in to play a role in the bottom six is a different story all together.

we've had dismal luck in the past bringing in near retirement vets (mckay, smolinsky, lang), but at the price tag Guerin will be looking at (~1M), it's a low risk medium reward type of move.

more than anything, I'd make the move for the mentoring/influence role he could potentially have with our young wingers, and I'd ONLY bring him in if he was comfortable and motivated to do so.

during the season, with injuries/slumps, he'd get his occasional shifts in the top 6 or on the PP, but for the most part, he'd be a depth winger, with scoring ability, that imo would be a great fit next to Eller-Boyd.

With Eller-Boyd-A.Kost-Pouliot-Lapierre and Pyatt all more or less pencilled in for a permanent role with the team, I don't think adding Guerin "takes a spot away from a young guy"... you need to have a decent balance, and right now our wingers are heavy on the youth/speed and very light on the grit/experience. Guerin balances that out nicely.

let MaxPac/Maxwell/Desharnais/White/Avtsin have one more body ahead of them, at this point, with the youth we already have with the big club, there is no harm in letting those guys spent the bulk of another season honing their game in the AHL.

Guerin, or as others have suggested, Nolan, would fit nicely, imo... two other vets I'd consider would be Lehtinen and Modin. Both have had injury issues lately, but Modin came on decently strong in the playoffs (3 g in 6 games), and Lethinen brings a boatload of intangibles/knowledge that would benefit Eller.

as long as they can handle 12-15min/night, provide leadership-work ethic-mentoring, and are able to chip in/finish plays more consistently than Lapierre or Moen, then we have a worthwhile upgrade
Lang was great for us, probably our best player in 2008-2009.
Smolinski was great in the playoffs.

It's also funny how you don't talk about Gill, who put MVP-worthy performances in the playoffs.

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