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10-03-2003, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by DieHard
Kariya wasn't a good captain. He sulked, he didn't talk to media or the fans until Selanne convinced him to be more open with people. He was quiet, he wasn't too physical etc.

Good captains are players who WORK HARD and WITH EMOTION. You don't have to be the best player, you simply need to show example by giving your 110%. Kelly Buchberger is a good example of that, he was respected by all players because his fearless (borderline stupid) attitude.

Generally I don't think good captains are player who hold out for more money, for example Kariya sat for several months demanding more money and that shows very poor example to the team, it tells others that your personal needs go before team's needs.
Kariya was shy during the early stages of his career, sure, but when he became captain again, he wasn't at all. If you say kariya didn't work hard, or play with emotion, you are a damned fool.

Somebody please tell me when it was a requirement that all captain's need to be physical players?

Leadership isn't bleeding an organization for $10M/yr. and then bolting to another team, with whom you have no history, for $1.2M/yr., when your team needs your help so they can be stronger in the long run.
Why should he have stayed? The team clearly didn't want him back. Selanne and him wanted to be together. There was no reason to stay with a team that turned their backs on him.

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