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10-03-2003, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by The Messenger
All True... Yet

Does your points not possibly tell us something as well..

The Question is WHY???

Is Philly's System better??? In Toronto if Hitchcock where coach and they played his style...wouldn't Toronto be a more serious Contender??

Could Leafs just as easily have had Pitkanen...Was Quinn asleep on that one??

If Philly 5 core are better..and we Know it than Why didn't Quinn improve his 5 rather than stand Pat and loose the Wesleys and Svehla's that made it better ...

Although I don't exactly agree here..

Kim Johnsson(39 points),Eric Desjardins, Eric Weinrich, Marcus Ragnarsson, Chris Therien (Waivers)

really much different than.......

Tomas Kaberle (49 points), Brian McCabe, Ken Klee, Bryan Marchment & Aki Berg ???
Pikanen was picked long before TO had a pick.

Philly's defense is much better because of their system, but even under Barber they gave up only a fraction of the number of goals Toronto did. They are big, stay at home, and individually may not seem better but as a team, are better - which brings up a Quinn/Ley issue if you ask me.

Should Toronto/Quinn have used a trap team? No. They were under Murphy and then Quinn unleashed them to success.

That was good for that team, but the system he uses will not win in Cup under todays rules.

Again - questions about Quinn and his stubbornness about taking the "high" road. and not employing the trap.

Bottomline - I think Quinn is a good, very good game day coach and leader. He has a few few weaknesses, and those weaknesses are enough to prevent the Leafs from winning the Cup.

However, I think Quinn is better than most of the other NHL coaches.

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