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08-28-2010, 03:06 AM
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Originally Posted by IceHot View Post
Leighton WINS games because he was consistent in letting in only 2 goals or less thus he allowed the team to win much more then not.
Leighton will garnish more wins and better win loss ratio then other goalies with similar save percentage and goals against average (like Emery) because Leighton's game is more consistent and bounces back from the occasional bad game.
Boucher would consistently allow 3 goals or more thus allowing our team to lose more games then win.
Leighton I am secure with, it's Boucher that scares me even as a backup we need to win more then we lose other wise all the games he lets slip is counter productive to Leighton's great win loss total and risks a good playoff spot and home ice advantages.
You make some interesting points ! And i gotta agree about how Leighton bounces back, sometimes i wondered during the playoffs if anything actually bothered that cat.He either has one heck of a poker face, or nothing really bothers him for very long at all ?

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