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Originally Posted by HFNHL Commish View Post
Some good drills mentioned...I'm a big fan of the "Figure 8" drill and have shown it to many of my players. The difficulty of any of these stationary drills can be easily adapted by changing the object being stickhandled - substitute in a golf ball, for example.

One problem that a lot of people, not just beginners, have is a lack of top-hand control. By that I mean that they rely too much on their bottom hand to help control the direction of the puck, when really the bottom hand's major purpose in stickhandling is to act as a lever for shooting. Something you can do to help reinforce top-hand control is to cut a length of PVC just wide enough to fit over your stick and hold it with your bottom hand when doing stickhandling drills. This way, your bottom hand slides around the stick, naturally reinforcing that it's the top hand that's supposed to be controlling the action.
If you use a golf ball or something small and light, you're actually practicing making it easier. This is ok if you're just learning basic movements, but if you're looking to really improve you need to use something harder to stickhandle than a normal puck on ice. In this case, weighted pucks on the ice are worth trying out as well as practicing with a normal puck on cement.

If you make it harder when you're practicing, you'll be better at normal stickhandling and will find it easier. It's kind of like athletes doing windsprints with a parachute on the back. Increasing resistance helps you down the road.

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