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08-28-2010, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Do you honestly think that if we had brought in a competent goalie, Kimmo would be talking about this? I personally don't think so, it would be all, "We know we can get there and we feel like we have a legitimate chance to win."

Kimmo knows what most of us do, we got really ****ing lucky in who we played in the POs and the first time we faced an above-average offense, our goalie got absolutely slaughtered.
What the **** is wrong with you people.

"above-average offense", are you for real or what?

Chicago had a team on paper that would of/could of made the finals every single year. The term is completely unfair to chicago. They don't have an above average offense at all. They had arguably the best Offense in the league, matched with one of the most fearsome defensive corps i've seen in a while. Not to mention that had a keeper that was riding high on facing 20 shots a game.

You people seem to think that should we have a competant goalie then we would of gone further. But then use the fact that we had a lucky play-off run. Now which is it? If we had a decent keeper in the stretch ( which leighton was by the way) then we could of had a higher seed, and faced a much more powerfull offense.

I wish some people would just get over themselves. Yeah we lost in the final, to a very good team no doubt. It's happened, get over it and realise that we have practically the same team that took us to the finals. Lets start looking into the future, because i am damn fed up of looking at posts about a keeper losing us the cup. I thought hockey was a team sport?

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