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08-28-2010, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Seanconn View Post
bullcrap, I got a pair of RBK "Sid the Kid" SC87 3's at Sports Mart over a year and a half ago, for $149 on sale (2008 or 2009 model.. im not sure), and I still skate circles around mostly everyone I play with.

I dunno what they compare to in the current RBK hockey skate lineup, but they'd be in the middle to lower I'd think.

under 100, maybe... but Christ, you don't need $300 skates to be a good skater.
No doubt, you could take a great skater and stick him in $50 skates, and he'd be better than most anyone else even in top-of-the-line $800 skates.

I think the issue though is more personal comfort and stability while skating, since from those come confidence and the opportunity to push and become better. I suck as a skater, and know my skates are well above my level, but hoped that over time 2 things would happen:

1-the skates would become more comfortable as they wore in
2-I'd get better, and grow in skill towards the level of skate I'd purchased

So far, more of #2 has occurred, not so much #1.

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