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08-29-2010, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Huh? Pittsburgh is not better. Since their Cup, they've lost their shutdown D pairing, which hurt them last year, now they've lost their offensive catalyst. Martin and Michalek are not going to make up for losing Gonchar, Gill and Scuderi. And their forward depth is diminished - but I do hope to see Asham weighing down Malkin or Crosby's line... Staal's foot didn't heal and might need a third tendon surgery, so they're top heavy and starting one down, so they are a major injury to Crosby or Malkin from slipping big time.

The Rangers aren't better and they're about to waive Redden and have a bunch of rookies and kids on D. Frolov? Please. Zherdev's better.

The Islanders will actually ice an NHL D this year, but not much else.

The Devils aren't better either. They lost The Great Paul Martin and replaced him with Tallinder and Volchenkov. Big friggin' whoop. And when they sign Kovalchuk, they still have to lose a good player, probably someone like Zubrus or Langenbrunner, to get under the cap. They've got the fading Rolston locked up at over $5M for two more years. Yikes. Zajac makes almost $4M and Elias has three more years at $6M.... And Zac needs a new contract next summer. The Devils don't scare me.

So, no, every team in the Atlantic is not better, in fact, the Flyers improved more than any of them.

The Northeast will be solid, with the Bruins having improved the most. The Sabres are stagnating and I don't see them making the playoffs unless Miller stands on his head for 82 games. The Habs have f'd their once solid goaltending situation up and are no better or bigger up front or and their D is just OK. The Sens had a good year, but they lost Volchenkov and added Gonchar, so if their goaltending holds up they could be good. The Leafs are improved too, so who knows what they might do?

In the Southeast, the Caps lost size on D, with Morissonn and Jurcina leaving, but have basically the same team and two very young goalies. The Bolts, Thrashers and Canes should put up more of a fight this year, which will take some points off the Caps, whose total points last year were artificially inflated by playing such poor division opponents six times each (40 points out of a possible 48 in their garbage division - they won't get that many this year). Florida is going for the #1 pick this year.

So, no, every team in the Eastern Conference isn't better either, and some playoff teams, like Buffalo and Montreal, might be worse.

Any sweeping and erroneous observations about the West you'd care to enlighten us with?
The whole post is ****ing stupid.

Hold on. Let me use your 'logic'. Flyers added two underachieves a 40 year old d-men and a fighter and we are better? This is what any other fan can say about Flyers team and that person may have a good point. I mean what did we add? Unmotivated, unproven a bit overpaid question marks in Zherdev and Meszaros? and kept huge question mark in the net.

1. Zherdev is not better than Frolov. No way no how and didn’t we play NYR in the last game of the season for a playoff spot? Didn't we almost lose?
2. Pittsburgh did not get worse. They added quality Ds. They did not lose anyone good upfront from last season. They went to SC finals two straight years with a very young core. Not an easy thing to do.
3. Losing Zubrus or Langenbrunner does not mean much when you gain Kovalchuk and Arnott. Martin was also not lost, he was replaced with quality D.
4. Do not worry about Devils caps issues. Flyers have the same if not worse issues as soon as next year too. Why did you bring it up anyway? Are you seriosuly going to discuss others teams caps when we are in no better position?
5. Washington did not lose any size or skill on blue line. It was replaced with younger, faster, better with much more upside and skill players like Alzner and Carlson.
6. Do not worry about Sabres, you personally do not know **** about their farm system.
7. Boston, Tampa, Atlanta all got better.
8. Habs still good skating team, lsoing Halak will hurt but they still be in the mix.
9. Sens added Gonchar and so on...

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