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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Look my 1st jersey was number 16 from Philly and i grew up and live in Vancouver that's how much i loved the guy as a kid but if we put some perspective on his career and context as well he is not as great as you are making him out to be IMO and not as good as Foppa overall if you take their entire careers in consideration or are you even considering Foppa's international play at all here when comparing the 2 players?

Just wondering?
Take their entire careers in consideration? Hmmm, I think by doing so, that's exactly where Clarke beats Forsberg. And comparing their international play is a bit unfair to Clarke, don't you think? When Clarke did have the chance to play for Canada, he was usually very good IMO, especially when considering that in '72 he was hardly at his peak yet, whereas in '76 he had some sort of injury and missed one game, still getting better and more efficient as the stakes got higher (I've seen nearly all Team Canada's games). He was downright awful in the 1982 World Championships, but I think that can be forgiven, considering that he was well past his prime by then... and Forsberg hasn't been that great internationally in years - for obvious reasons. Even in Foppa's prime, Mats Sundin usually outperformed him.

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