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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Look my 1st jersey was number 16 from Philly and i grew up and live in Vancouver that's how much i loved the guy as a kid but if we put some perspective on his career and context as well he is not as great as you are making him out to be IMO and not as good as Foppa overall if you take their entire careers in consideration or are you even considering Foppa's international play at all here when comparing the 2 players?

Just wondering?
As a Swede who has watched 95% of Foppa's international games, I would still take Clarke's peak international play ('72 and '76) over Foppa's peak ('98). Even if you wouldn't it's clear that noone holds a significant advantage over the other.

Foppa is international credentials is way way overrated, probably because of the 1994 shootout. But he was not the best forward on the team that year, Naslund and Loob carried that team. In 1998 it's arguable that he was better than Sundin, but even there it is very close. Appart from those years he really hasn't done that much on the international stage. He was usually in playoffs or injured during most international tournaments. In 2006 he was definitely a passenger.

Clarke was by many considered the best Canadian player during the 1972 summit series (your milage may vary). He captained the team to a win during the 1976 Canada Cup. What more could he have done?

Overall they were both great international players in their prime, but underperformed in the later international tournaments of their career. I think Clarke's play in 1972 was more dominant than Foppa's in 1998, so I pick him. Please state your case for Foppa.

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