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08-29-2010, 04:20 AM
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Yet another skate buying question or five.

So here's my Q:

I have an opportunity to buy a pair of X-40s or X-50s for a very good price, just over $200CAD (taxes included) for the 40s, and just under $300 for the 50s. Give the state of my current skates, I'm probably going to have to get new ones in a year anyway, some of the eyelet rivets are popping out, and the skate book is getting a bit soft. Don't buy Easton skates kids. Or stick bags either, my Easton stick bag is falling apart quickly too.

Problem is, I noticed the blade length is very short on size skates that fit me, I guess Bauer has a different sizing system because I fit nicely into 7s on the x-40 but my current skates (Easton) are 8s. Anyway, the blade length on the Bauers is 263mm, but my eastons are 272.

My old skates were also 263mm, and I skated on them a few weeks ago and realized that I could barely do a crossover backwards because the balance point i was used to was different and I was falling over before I was ready. I'm worried that if I buy these x-40s or 50s in a size 7, they won't be worth using because I won't be able to skate on them.

So, can I get blades that are more what I'm comfortable with fitted in there? How much might that be to buy and have them installed?

Also..... is the extra $100 worth it for the X50s? As in, will I, a mediocre-to-below-mediocre skater notice the difference between the 40s and 50s? Will they stay stiff longer? Last a longer time? Will I notice the difference in weight?

Any help would be appreciated.

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