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Originally Posted by No Team Needed View Post
scott stevens only had 11 pts when he won it.

hal gill wasn't the main mvp for the canadiens had they won the cup but he would have been top three with cammalleri and halak.
first of all, not to split hairs and all, but one might reasonably suggest that there is a HUGE difference between 1 pt in 18 games and 11pts in 23 games... one contributes offensively once every 18 games, the other once every 2 games. Can you really not see the difference?

a more apt devils comparison would be Ken Danyeko... who was a very valuable member of the devils cup winning teams, but NEVER considered their MVP. Gill is much in the same boat.

He would not have been even a top 5 Conn Smythe candidate.
Halak, Cammy, Gionta, Pleks, Gomez, Subban all were more valuable all around, and as far as one-dimensional contributions go, having watched every playoff game, I'd argue strongly that Gorges was a bigger influence than Gill was, as Gorges didn't give up as much space as the immobile Gill did on a regular basis.

I mean let's stop and think for a second...

were you really trying to compare Gill to Stevens...
- all time leader in games played by a Dman
- 5x first or second NHL All-Star team
- 13 all-star games
- team captain (3 cups in the process)
- conn smythe winner
- .56 ppg regular season, .51ppg playoffs (and note that his lack of offensive production is the only thing that stopped him from being a Norris and potentially Hart trophy winner)

- .18 ppg regular season, .06ppg playoffs
- has a really big stick

im all for discussion, but it's hard to take someone seriously when they make such nonsensical comparisons.

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