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08-29-2010, 12:09 PM
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Okay, with the dust settled and most likely all the players are on board -- unless there is movement to upgrade goal and Cap adjustment is needed -- and assuming nobody blows Lavvy's and/or Homer's socks off at camp... also assuming that Betts is ready to play... without sorting through the previous 255 posts here is what I'm seeing with one extra forward and two extra D-men.

JvR - Carter - Giroux
Leino - Beiere - Hartnell
Carcillo - Richards - Zherdev
Powe - Betts - Lappy (with Bettsy out: insert Kalinski)

(Walker - Bartulis)

It has become apparent to me that the 3rd and forth line depth/flexibility has greatly diminished... to a point where either a capable forth line player can step up from the A or the upper lines are juggled and a winger from the Phantoms can fill in for someone like CarBomb who could play 4th line wing... Powe could play center if it is Betts who is out.

Not to beat the proverbial dead horse but, Asham out and Shelly in disrupts the depth and flexibility as I see it... When Shelley dresses he will have to be able to handle a regular shift on the 4th line or step up to the 3rd and possibly alter a couple lines in the process. I no longer see as much of a balance in the lines as there has been in the past... and there is little to no depth in case of injury outside of a Phantom grabbing the moment, or Shelley being a better and more responsible player than we are giving him credit for. It looks to like we could at times be seeing once again the few minute goon and double shifting wingers.

I'm hoping that Camp proves a surprise promotion or tryout and the ability to fit him in under the Cap... Or Homer signs a Wayne Primeau type player and fits him in.

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