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08-29-2010, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Le Tricolore View Post
So I can get Center Mezzanine 322, Row R seats for $19. That is very tempting.

I'm going to assume that's the last (or one of the last) rows in the building. How is the view from there?
Its the third to last row in the building. The last row is T. Rows S and T are putrid, row R is a very good value. The view of the ice from there is pretty awesome. It would be the equivalent of somewhere in the middle level of the Belle Centre. The only thing you might find annoying is that there is a row of suites hanging on top of you and you cant see the rafters, the LED ribbon board, or part of the jumbotron. To make up for the jumbotron loss, they have flat screen TV's up there so you can still see all the replays. You still have a view of the main scoreboard (score, time, shots on goal, penalty time) and the view of the ice is unobstructed. If the game isnt packed you could probably move down a few rows as well where nothing at all is obstructed. Honestly, I wouldnt be surprised if the same seat at the belle center would run you triple digits, the actual view of the ice is better than the lower portion of most NHL upper bowls.

If youre looking to save, you will get quite a bang for your buck for that price.

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