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08-30-2010, 02:28 AM
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Originally Posted by vinogradov8 View Post
Fine: ya ne govoru shto amerika menya ne menayet, ya govoru shto ya ne menayouc stokoje kak drugiyi.

Now, my cousin has changed much more then me, he wears those stupid cargo pants, has a justin beiber haircut and now when asked about if he is Russian/from Russia he says "only physically" and that disgusts me! I hope you know where im coming from with this.
So what about going back? Where is your home? You're from Odessa, its not Russia. Russia, you have never lived there. You have no clue, pal. Go, go home to mother Russia and enjoy your bloodlines. But you chose not to do so and rather live in the foreign America for your own good. That says something.

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