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Originally Posted by qwertysac View Post
Skates, like anything you buy, you get what you pay for. In the long run those 175$ skates will be worth your money way more than the 70-80$ ones.

We can also look at this from another angle.

You said yourself, you have a wife, 2 kids, and a job. Dont you think its worth spending a bit more to have that extra level of protection to insure the next shot you take off the skate doesnt stop you from being able to go to work the next morning?

Just saying...
I somewhat agree with the first sentence. However, in my first year of getting back into hockey after a 10+ year hiatus, I wouldn't have been able to feel the difference between Graf 750's and $50 bargain bin goalie skates. I was much more concerned about improving my skills to a decent level, than to what skates I was wearing. My skills were the bottleneck, not the equipment. Nowadays, I'm at a decent skill level and can actually feel and appreciate the difference between pro, high-level senior, and low-level senior gear. But six years ago, no way.

If you can't take advantage of it, aren't sure if you want to pursue the sport further, and it isn't in your budget, then why the hell would you spend so much on skates? My original set of goal equipment was crap, but it only cost me $500 and it was functional. It was enough for me to test the waters and learn some skills in. Now that I know (a) I'm going to play the sport long-term and (b) I've gotten half-decent at goal, the equipment in my bag is worth well over 10x that amount. But there was no way I was going to spend that much my first year or two playing the game.

And to your second statement... not every job needs a body in 100% shape all the time. I've hobbled into work with a destroyed MCL and worked all day, week, month just fine. And in more severe situations -- like after major surgery -- I took a week off, then decided to work from home, remotely. One of the perks of having a desk job. Maybe the OP is in a similar situation.

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