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08-30-2010, 11:12 AM
Change is good.
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Obviously it's not a bad thing for anyone to show up early. That said, some quick thoughts on the early arrivals:

Redden & White: both there because they know the Hartford writing is on the wall. This is of course the right thing for them to do - sadly, I am actually hoping it doesn't make any difference for either. (In fact, I wish the Rangers had simply made a Huet like arrangement for Redden prior to the start of camp.)

Eminger: similar boat to Redden & White, even though he's a lot younger - he knows he's been traded five times in the last couple of years. I have more hope for him, both because he's younger and because he's capable of being the extra player in the pressbox, which neither Redden nor White is.

Lundqvist: consumate professional - I wouldn't worry if he was the last guy on the ice, but I'm not surprised he's one of the first.

Drury: would expect nothing less, but then again, it's never about effort with him anyway. I honestly don't take anything from his presence other than the fact that he clearly wasn't abducted by aliens over the summer.

Dubi: good to see. You always worry that a kid like this is going to rest on his laurels. He needs to take another step and he knows it. I'm not sure if he'll take it, but it's a good sign that he's here early.

AA: also good to see. Really came on towards the end last year, looking to continue that trend up. I get the feeling that early on in camp we're going to look at him and realize that we've now got a legit top-6 forward on our hands. (Knock wood.)

Grachev, Aasen, Valentenko: LOVE to see it. Hungry kids looking to get a leg up. My bet is at least one earns a spot - and it would be great if all three did (that would cause some interesting roster problems, eh...?)

Biggest disappointments that they're not there: MDZ (don't get a big head now, kid, you've got lots to work on) and Christensen (this is a HUGE year for him and I have to say I'm shocked he's not one of the first ones there).

Biggest "meh" that they're not there: Rozsival (well-established veteran with a history of injuries), Frolov (another veteran and also likely only here for one year) and Biron (another consumate professional - and the biggest thing he has to work on is staying sharp after not playing for two weeks).

Yes, it's a complete overanalysis (especially if most of the guys who are absent show up tomorrow), but what can I say - I'm desperate for hockey.

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