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04-20-2005, 01:29 PM
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Seabrook = Keith Carney

Neither are physical, but are big enough to get the job done in the crease. I think Seabrook has better offensive instincts than Carney (but still has a ways to go w/positioning- obviously).

I also think that the hawks are going to try and groom Seabrook to be that solid stay at home/do anything type of guy, potentially to be the "responsible" one with Babchuk or Barker. Seabrook is the type of kid that Yawney will really do well with.

Barinka and Kuiper are both dirty but not big hitters. Wisnewski even though he is a little guy is really a pretty tough kid. And if Big Bubba can make it, he's another guy who can handle the dirty stuff.

The dman that continually gets left out on all these things is Duncan Keith. This kid, according to dale tallon has been their best player in Norfolk (he and borque). I think he will really surprise some people one day, and his write up on hf was not at all in the line of thinking of hawks brass. He is as good a skater as there is in the NHL, and he's starting to bulk up. Will never be huge, but will end up playing at 6' (5' 11") and 180-185.

If the hawks can get 1 front line scorer (which is why if we get jipped out of a top 5 pick in the next draft I and every other hawk fan will be pissed); we will have IMO the strongest core of prospects in the league. The depth is really really solid.


Corey Crawford
C Anderson
M Leighton
M Brodeur
A Munro (who i dont think is in the plans)


D Keith
(does not include Vandermeer or McCarthy who are both still young)

The forwards are IMO, mostly depth guys- with only Ruutu standing out as a 1st line player (IMO). But still, I think we have just a ton of kids that will be 2nd/3rd liners that just really makes the organization flexible.

If we can somehow, someway, land Crosby or Brule- I think the hawks will be back to the late 80's/early 90's powerhouse that they were.

Again, I'm not saying the hawks will have all the top 5 guys- or will have an Atlanta situation where they have all that high end talent on top, then not much underneath. I think the hawks will be in a position where year after year they'll be producing quality NHLrs- with a couple of real good players mixed in. From there, you make the one good signing or trade, and maybe just maybe they will have a solid chance for the cup in my lifetime.


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