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08-30-2010, 01:02 PM
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Personally, the way I learned was using a snow plow stop with one foot, with the front skate barely sliding over the ice, not digging at all. The idea is to keep movin while feeling that sliding feeling, which turns into a stop eventually. Your other foot should be straight and gliding with all of your weight on it while you have the other at a 45 degree angle scraping the ice. Skates should look like this if you're skating up the screen: / |

Once you get comfortable with it sliding over the ice you can start to pivot the front foot and start digging in a bit to stop. Start to do a snow-plow but pivot your heel to the outside (don't swing leg, twist your ankle), pivot hips, sit down a little, lean back a little and finally lift your back foot which has all the weight on it and you should grind to a halt. Practice at slow speeds to get the stopping feeling. Once I got comfortable with 1-footed stops I was able to gradually tap my back foot down little by little until I got comfortable having it bear some weight.

Also, if you're off balance try keeping your shoulders pointed to where you're going to keep your momentum going forward. I see alot of people turn their shoulders along with their hips and just end up doing a sharp turn on accident. Also, try both sides a bit to see which one clicks first. I spent alot of time trying to stop on my right side but got absolutely nowhere... then one day I decided to try left foot forward and I got it down in 5 minutes.

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