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08-30-2010, 01:48 PM
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It varies from league to league and from player to player, but around here:

Elite - former pro and D1 college
A - former D3 college, junior, elite high school players
B - former high school or very strong adult players
C - good adult players who usually played as kids
D - decent and inexperienced adults who know the fundamentals
Beginner - beginners and very inexperienced or limited skill adults

It seems most players fall in the D through B levels. Most people who pick up the game as adults probably won't make it much above C, as the pace, skill, physicality, etc all pick up a good amount.

Higher numbers are typically the better players in that level...C1 better than C2, D1 better than D1 etc.

And basically as you go up the levels, players are better skaters and better athletes, they're often a lot bigger/taller too, better puck handling, better shooting, better positioning, more advanced execution of plays, etc, until you get up to the very high end where it's guys who used to play pro and still want a challenge.

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