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08-30-2010, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
Except for, you know; Anders Lee only actually playing two years of AA hockey at Edina. The other two years he played at single A at St. Thomas Academy alongside Jordan Schroeder. So not all his point totals were accumulated in AA alone. Quite frankly, as a Minnesotan who's seen these three extensively; Anders Lee doesn't even belong in the discussion here. He's a distant third.
I've never seen more than minimal clips of Bjugstad and Nelson.

All three of these players will be freshmen in the NCAA next season, if memory serves me right. Should be very interesting to see how each develops and what impact each has on his team, respectively.

I'm not quite sure who has more of a shot at ice time. I think Bjugstad will be asked to take on a more central role in Minnesota. North Dakota is traditionally stacked (in depth) in the forward ranks and Notre Dame can DEFINITELY use some scoring. With that in mind, Lee may be looked at in a more offensive capacity than the other two. Or maybe not.

However, with respect to the bolded part of the text above, it would seem ironic that your statement comes after what Lee did in the USHL last season, which was pretty impressive. I mean really impressive!

That's not something just anybody does. No guarantee that either Bjugstad or Nelson goes to the USHL and does the same.

Is there not a chance that Lee has grown in leaps and bounds since having devoted himself solely to hockey? Having been an accomplished football player, he was surely spending a good part of the year on a grassy knolls throughout his years between the ages of 14-18, something not to be assumed of the other two.

I'd have to say that right now, at this very moment, Lee is prolly the best of the three. That may be a much different story in 5 years time, but for now, Lee certainly belongs in this conversation.

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