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I'm maybe soon in the 'flogging a dead horse' area, but I wanted to also check Rick MacLeish's stats from the 1974, 1975 and 1980 Stanley Cup finals (he missed 1976). MacLeish might have been a "playoff monster", but as far as outperforming Clarke when it mostly mattered, well, it doesn't really show in the stats (again, thanks to the Hockey Summary Project):

1974 against the Bruins he had 5 (2+3) points to Clarke's 6.

1975 against the Sabres he had 4 (1+3) to Clarke's 5.

1980 against the Islanders he had 6 (3+3) to Clarke's 7.

So, every time Clarke beat him in points. I do realize that there were other playoff games than just the finals, and there MacLeish definitely has a slight edge in numbers on Clarke (when both were in their primes in the mid-seventies)... but only slight.

Yep, MacLeish, like Clarke, was also more than just about statistics, and he was clearly the better skater and more exciting player, but did he really outshine Clarke in those years? IMO the stats give only little support of this, and it's hard for me to think that MacLeish actually did MORE things on the ice than Clarke...

Just needed to get that out of my system. Sorry.

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