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08-30-2010, 04:23 PM
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Umm yeah I’m calling BS on this!! He's washed up plain and simple!! He hasn't played in St. Louis like he once did in the past. If he only missed 6 games in Dec-Jan (which in the middle of the season is maybe a week and a half) that's a minor concussion. If he wasn’t ready to comeback docs wouldn’t have let him and I've never heard of athletes getting PCS from minor concussions.

there were rumors all summer he was looking to sign with a team (Anaheim was one, Carolina, and I believe a couple other teams were rumored) He didn't get a contract so taking a season off for medical reasons sounds much better than a Brett Favre retirement and/or 35 year old free agent/wash up.

If it's true or not- probably better to just retire- relax, play some NHL 11, spend time playing shinny hockey, coaching kids, etc...

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