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04-20-2005, 03:14 PM
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Good skates for $200

You can get good skates for $200. You just can't get the newest or most popular model.

I just bought a pair of 2003/2004 Pro Tack new from Hockey Giant for $125. Tell me Pro Tacks are not decent skates.

You can find closeouts at almost any big retailer for models that have been worn in the NHL in the past few years. Vapor XX, various models of Tacks, etc etc.. You can get 652 Tacks for under $150, and they are darn good skates. A lot of pros still wear custom versions.

Paying 400-500 for skates isn't going to make you any faster or better. The difference between a 200 pair of skates and a 500 dollar pair of skates is pretty minimal if you are comparing the hot new hyped model with the top of the line model from 2-3 years ago.

Its like golf equipment. An $800 dollar driver isn't going to help me beat Tiger Woods. and a pair of 727 Grafs with solid platinum T blades and diamond studded eyelets isn't going to help you outskate Pavel Bure, even if Pavel Bure is wearing a pair of sub $200 skates, LOL.

That's just a hard fact.

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