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08-30-2010, 07:34 PM
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Open skates helped a lot.... mainly the crappy ice eliminated any chance of the edge biting too much. It made it way easier to start the scraping motion.

Like everyone has said, baby steps. Start with a barely noticeable snowplow with one foot just to get the feeling of scraping. Imagine keeping the blade at a perfect perpendicular 90 degree angle on the ice. Each time you feel comfortable (not all at once, not in any particular order)... increase the angle, add speed, dig in more, and eventually you can start to turn your body into it more and more. The strong side will be 300x easier than the weak side.

Just get it out of your head that you are going to go from nothing to full hockey stop in one outing.

I know we are all saying the same thing... but hopefully one reply helps

Edit: A friend of mine learned by getting some rental skates and trying it with those for the first session or two, the dull blades helped a lot. Not sure if this is a good idea (maybe others can chime in).... If you would prefer the comfort of your own skates, you can have your skates sharpened shallower to make it more favorable for you to scrape. Just some ideas.

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