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08-30-2010, 10:55 PM
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Originally Posted by chrisrollins1 View Post
Wow. I've been playing for about 6 weeks now and that's the first thing I made myself learn. I skated public sessions several times a week for about three weeks before I got it down from both directions. Here's an article and video that helped me:

The way I learned, you're pretty much doing all the work with your lead foot (the right foot if turning left and vice versa). Just get used to doing a plow stop with that foot and slowly put more and more of your weight on it when you do it. Then, when you're more comfortable with that, twist your hips and while leaning "back" from the turn. Your momentum will throw you back up. It helped me at first to turn my head (but not my upper body) in the direction of the turn to focus me. After many, many repetitions you will begin to develop muscle-memory and it will become second-nature. Remember to practice in both directions!
Thanks for the mention Chris, I'm glad the article and video helped you out.

I have another video that I am going to post this year that breaks it down even more, with super simple steps.
In the new video I show how to get used to "peeling ice" with your skates and getting used to the edges. I think that will help the true beginners a bit more.

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