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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
What a clownshoe this guy is. It'll be even more humorous to watch yet another Notre Dame team fall flat on it's face again this season now.

You want facts? Here's simple ones even you could follow. Bjugstad and Nelson were much more sought after than Anders Lee. As evident by their draft stock. Hell, even Budish was thought of as the stronger player and that's coming off of major knee reconstructive surgery. And football has no bearing on this discussion either because he had already declared his intentions. It certainly didn't hurt Alt this year. No reason to believe it had any sort of bearing on Lee. It may just be me, but I'll stick with the opinions of evaluators who do this for a living. Not some fan pushing for his favorite prospect.

And really, my short hairs are in my face about this one? Really? I stated my opinion about who's the better player and it's backed up with how each of these players have been evaluated through out their brief careers. Seems to me that you're the one who's butt hurt on the subject attempting to throw an argument that just isn't there back into everyone's face who has an alternative view than yours.
Nyquil Man, You havent backed up anything at this point, you have refuted everything Lee has done, without any singulur fact regarding the records of Bjugstad or Nelson other than the opinions of "evaluators"? Maybe you mean JB of CCS, come on. I simply asked you to present a case for the "other two" and all you can do is refute what Lee has simply done. Facts are facts, are you have provided little to make your case. Do some homework before you post again, your really grasping at this point.

Perhaps you missed this Story from "The Hockey News" on Lee after his season in the USHL:

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