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Originally Posted by codemanh View Post
I'm from Minnesota and watched both Bjugstad and Nelson play at the state tournament. Both are obviously great players, but i liked Bjugstad better. Bjugstad is more of a power forward while Nelson just seemed well rounded. One thing i did notice is on the ice Nelson seemed pretty scrongy. He's tall, but definitely could add some more muscle. Both special players though. Personally, i think that florida got a steal because some teams are a bit skeptical when it comes to high school players due to the "level of competition". To be honest, our top high school teams are similar to top tier 1 AAA, just not quite as deep because all of the players come from your school district, you can't pull from all over the country like the AAA teams. Our top high school teams always give Shattuck a run for there money and sometimes beat them.
I think you're right about the uncertainty with high schoolers. They'll often not be seen in the same light as a number of other prospects, since they're often playing (nationwide) in leagues including kids aged 14-18, which ultimately leads to a wide range of performance drop from the top players in a team to the benchwarmers. In addition, high schoolers often don't play much in a season, at least with their high school team - certainly in comparison to Candian brethren playing in juniors.

Nonetheless, I'd have to say that high school hockey in Minnesota is given the most respect in the eyes of the scouts. When looking at the past few years of drafting, kids who were taken coming out of high school, regardless of the round, would seem to have been coming predominantly from Minnesota. Off the top of my head, they seem to lead by a country mile. Even Minnesota high schoolers going top 40 would include no less than Bjugstad, Nelson, Leddy and Ness in recent years. Who was the last to go top ten, Wheeler? Okposo was already in the USHL when he was drafted...

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