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08-31-2010, 07:10 AM
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Originally Posted by ndgolden View Post
I have to laugh at the two MN locals taking shots at Lee. Lets compare all three Seniors year.

Lee's Senior year in HS alone as compared to Nelson's and Bjugstad' clearly outclasses them by a distant mile. Lee' Sr year in HS while playing football games on Friday nights led the Bauer NIT tournament in scoring, was the Schwanns Cup tournament scoring leader, was runner-up in Scoring for the year in AA and led the State Tournament in scoring with 9 pts. Did Bjugstad even register a point in last years state tournament???? In fact Lee's Sr. Year when he played against Bjugstad lee registered 7pts to Bjugstad's 0pts.

You two make him out to be some big kid on skates, with no skill and brains. I'll take the QB gatorade player of the year, and his raw hockey talent any day. My prediction Lee will be a 2nd line Center for ND this year and the point production and even more importantly his +- will be much higher than Nelson and Bjugstad.

Nelson, will struggle to play full time at North Dakota and both will probably endure loss of games due to injury playing at the D-1 level.

Perhaps Lee will have his day when ND plays the Gophs outdoors at TCF in 2011 Do your homework boys and get back to me with something that sticks. Interesting stat. 32 of Lee's 35 goals were even strength this year for GB, but probably because he's just a strong kid....and its just the USHL.
Interesting post!

2nd line duties at ND? They do need some scoring.

I gotta agree that I think particularly Nelson will be a bit over his head at North Dakota. Still scrawny and heading to a program that often has 15 forwards of fairlyyyyy similar quality duking it out for playing time. Although I have NO idea how good the kid is, would Little Toews have left the NCAA had he gone to another solid program that offered more opportunity?

In any case, I suspect Bjugstad and Lee will have the most impact on their respective programs, both of which had disappointing seasons last year.

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