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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
What more do I need to back-up at this point? They're all going to be starting at the same exact level. Let that be the judge. All we know now is the Lee is behind the developmental curve of the other two and the teams that selected both Bjugstad and Nelson thought of each in a much better light than Lee in their respective drafts.
Well I guess when you explained it with such clairity and substance, the only conclusion I can make is that both Mr. Bjugstad and Mr. Nelson are well on their way to a more successful and impactful D-1 season debut in their budding NHL career paths than Mr Lee.

I will promise to take careful notes of any progress Mr. Lee is able to muster this season and get back to you if he is able to make up some of that developmental curve stuff that he is clearly behind in........hopefully he won't get too discourage at the skill level required to succeed at this level.

I should have known that the draft is the only and most accurate indicator of any players abilities and future success.

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