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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
You want facts? Here's simple ones even you could follow. Bjugstad and Nelson were much more sought after than Anders Lee. As evident by their draft stock. Hell, even Budish was thought of as the stronger player and that's coming off of major knee reconstructive surgery. And football has no bearing on this discussion either because he had already declared his intentions. It certainly didn't hurt Alt this year. No reason to believe it had any sort of bearing on Lee. It may just be me, but I'll stick with the opinions of evaluators who do this for a living. Not some fan pushing for his favorite prospect.
That's interesting. If anything, I'd say it has a bearing because Lee was spending time excelling at it during valuable years of development instead of being on the ice refining his skills there.

Since having been drafted, I've read some short interviews with Lee (mostly via Islanders media) and recall one very specific passage where he said that (paraphrazing) "if folks had asked before the draft, he'd have told them that hockey was his choice and that there was no danger of him choosing football instead". Still, leading up to the draft, almost any time he was mentioned, there was talk of the danger of him choosing football over hockey, having been an accomplished football QB. Were scouts not doing their due diligence?

I don't know what that ultimately means, but as stated in a post above, I know he was expected to go much earlier than round 6, at least according to predraft rankings. Did he go so late because folks didn't want to chance precious picks on a guy who might not being playing hockey any more in a few months or because they felt he just didn't have enough upside?

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