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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Linemates totally have a lot to do with his production as does where he plays on a line. His production has gone up each time he plays with players who play a more skating to cycle the puck style, using their stick handling and moving picks to create the space, also his passing skills and someone who can finish. Putting him with Carter and Hartnell was a deathknoll for his style of game, it changed once Leino was put in there and he was able to play like Prospal did, skate and cycle with movement, do not get stagnant. Briere needs to be with players who move and skate, period, that is when he is most successful.
This is a LIE each and every time you say it.

Briere had 36 even strength points last year, the majority of which he was playing with Carter and Hartnell. In his first season here, he had 35 even strength points.

His career high for even strength points was 65, and he's never been close to that in any other season in his career. It's just not going to happen here barring a miracle.

Danny Briere has 2, just 2, PPG seasons on his resume and both came playing on a Buffalo team that was both quite unique in its playing style capabilities, and also directly following the lockout when the officials were the most stringent in implementing the obstruction rules. Since then the officials have backed off and the game has clogged up again a bit. That, more than anything, is why Briere (A small player that relies on his quickness to create chances... and thus will be more affected by obstruction) has seen a decline since his Buffalo days. On top of that, last year, he didn't pop as many points on the PP (completely independent factor from Carter and even strength play) as he has in the past.

This claim that Carter had some devastating impact on Briere's offensive game is a complete myth.

Independent of the fact that his line got hot at even strength in the playoffs, the other area of Briere's game also jumped. Briere had 10 PP points in the playoffs, which pro-rates out to 36 PP points over an 82 game schedule... he had 17 last year. The lowest total in a full season for his entire career.

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