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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
So explain when he gets a linemate such as Prospal or Leino his game seems to come around? Or even the time he spent with Giroux. We'll just leave Carter out of the conversation because his performance goes up when he plays with certain types of players. Briere needs to be with a linemate who likes to share the puck so he can get space off of the boards and not be confined to fighting for every puck along the boards. There certainly seems to be a correlation between Briere's production and a certain type of linemate. Maybe I am wrong here, but look at when his game spikes and what players are on his line.
Briere was quite good the majority of his first season here independent of Prospal outside of a single stretch where he struggled -- he had a brutal February. His best month that year was November... well before Prospal was here.

Moreover... Briere had a better regular season as an even strength player last year with Carter centering him!

Prospal is a good offensive player... he's produced everywhere he's ever played. Are we really shocked that they produced some offense together?

Leino went on an insane run in the playoffs... which he hasn't done previously in the NHL. Briere benefited from that. Who knows if he'll be able to produce like that again... but that stuff happens in the playoffs literally every single year.

And, additionally, you're paying WAY too much attention to simply Briere's production. Every single player needs to be viewed with a cost-benefit analysis eye. Briere likely will score a few more points as a center as he does as a wing (you pick up more assists and are in the middle of the ice with the puck more), but it comes with a price at the other end. Even with a HORRID year for him on the PP last year, Briere was a net +15 for the team if you count his PP production. His first year here? He was a net +15. So if Briere had produced on the PP last year -- even with the supposed "deathknoll" for him being on Carter's wing -- he would have easily outpaced his positive value to the team.

BTW, since you were comparing them. Carter was a net +24 last year, +47 the year before, and +24 the year before that.

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