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08-31-2010, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Twine Seeking Missle View Post
It's funny that you create this thread now since I have been looking forward to today for a long ass time now. Disturbed's new album 'Asylum' comes out today. Heading over to best buy during lunch to get it.

As for some others... Mitchy... you like Nightwish? Good **** huh? I have always been a fan of metal and still am obviously but I have been really getting into symphonic metal as of late and pretty much all of them have female vocals. (It doesn't hurt that all of them are smokin' hot too ). I advise you to check out the following bands if you like Nightwish... Within Temptation, Delain and Epica. I don't know what it is but this type of music sounds so much better with female vocals.

As for Tarja... yea she sounds incredible. She did put out a single album so check that out. Not as good as Nightwish but still solid.
I randomly bought Epica's Divine Conspiracy when it popped up on Amazon a couple years ago. Not bad. Next time I go on a "I need more metal binge," I'll keep those other bands in mind. Thanks, for the heads up Twine! I also might need to check out some other of Epica's albums.

And yes, having hot women as lead singers never hurt a band.
I'll definitely have to check out Tarja's album; I could listen to that woman all day long. I'm just sad that I found the band after she left.

Anyone actually listen to Captain Morgan's Revenge? For the lazier folks, this is only one click away:

I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't at least be curious to listen to "Authentic Scottish Pirate Metal." Let it go through to the chorus, before you give up on it. If you still hate it, then I'm guessing Pirate Metal is just not for you. (I'm fairly new to it myself, so if there's a long list of better Pirate Metal Bands, then someone please share it.)

Edit - I might as well mention that there haven't been too many bands listed in this thread that I don't at least own one album from.

2nd Edit - Thanks to random looking around on Amazon, this was the part of my last metal binge:
(My last order was Victory Songs by Ensiferum, Captain Morgan's Revenge by Alestorm, Battle Metal by Turisas and Wintersun, by errr....Wintersun.) Not bad stuff, considering I was randomly poking around and going off of a few previews. I like the surprise of not really knowing what I'm getting; I try not to listen to too many of the previews.)


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