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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Carter and Ovechkin ain't so different offensively... Ovechkin is certainly better all-around offensively, but he's also a grip-it-and-rip-it forward. He's just doing it from the wing as opposed to the center spot, which is going to cause some differences (you get the puck at center more often than you do at wing).

Ovechkin would also score no matter who was out there with him... Zubrus being evidence of that.
I do not know.. That just bothers me.. I guess you could make a case in terms of % or in terms of number of shots. If you decide to look at those two stats and if Carter shoots the puck 500 times he would become 50 goal scorer. bla bla bla Yes, maybe.

But in terms of wrist and slap shots, nose for the net, one on one moves, ability to play against top NHL d-men game after game, playoffs, maybe even skating speed and I am not even going to bring physicial play. If Carter is on PP no one really respect his shot, most of the time he loses the puck because he can not connect with a pass frustrating the **** out of me because he is not really under pressure.. Try not respecting Ovechkin on PP or when he is one on one against d-men. heh

Come on now.. I do believe you talking out of your ass there buddy. ain't so different when you close your eyes on everything else and count shots and compare %.

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