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08-31-2010, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Injektilo View Post
The skates i'm getting have a slight gap at either end in the holder where the blade goes in, I was told by the guy i'm buying them from that it's possible to get longer blades to fit in there, slightly longer. And yes, the guy I'm buying them from is a Bauer dealer, so I assume he knows what he's talking about.
He's talking about the LS2.1 power runners, which are a fraction longer than normal LS2 runners. Its not quite as long as the next step up runner in length.

The mounting points on runners for a 263 and 272 are different. They will not fit into the same holder.

I'm not saying dont try them, I'm just saying dont get your hopes up that it will completely transform the feel of your skates.

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