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08-31-2010, 05:09 PM
No Jam? How about PB
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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
By a rough count of the notifications and the 5 I already invited, we've got 15 of the 20 in so far. And that's on the first day.

As for long term, unless you know the people and can hound them this is just an internet league. Like I told JSTAFF.

Look at it like NHL 08, which was a major overhaul in the series. Then 09 improved, then 10 improved on 09, etc. Same thing. This year is a dry run, and we'll assess the problems come end of season, and fix it. If "people dropping" is a problem, then we'll fix it then accordingly. But considering the bulk of the people are consistantly on HF and are reputable posters, I don't see it being a problem, because if someone ignores it, everyone on here is going to hound the hell out of them.
This was posted not even 2 hours ago, it's full since then?

Put me on the list, I'll ALWAYS be on and ****... no lollygagging.

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