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04-20-2005, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Panasonic Youth
I'm not kidding, he's been a good ahl energy player at best. Cote can not finish his body checks which result in him on the ice and the other skating off. Second, he'll drop the gloves but won't do exceptionally well when he does. I will give him credit that he doesn't take a night off though.
You're way out to lunch on this one. Cote is a very good hitter, and is a suprisngly good skater. As far as his fighting, I'd say he did a damn good job this year.

Wins that I'll give him: Arsene, Bois, Janssen, Moen, Hollweg, Yarema, Hutchins, Colley 2X, Deveaux.
Draws or at least good showings: Thornton, Vandermeer, Godard, Bonvie.

i didn't see a few and he did have some losses to the top guys like Ivanas and Sugden, but for a light heavy, he had a very solid year. Cote earned a full time spot for next year.

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