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10-03-2003, 12:57 PM
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I think he's correct. A few years ago, you *never* heard a GM talk about save percentage. It was always goals against average. Now, I hear GM's talk about save percentage all the time.

As for the study, I seriously question the rating of good shot/ bad shot by zone only. A Donald Brashear limp wrister from the face off dot is a hard shot to stop while an Al Macinnis 100+ mph slap shot from the point through a screen on the power play is a bad goal?

There is no objective standard you can use for good shot / bad shot. Much like pornography "you know it when you see it". You need to give your contributors more freedom than "it was from the point, bad goal."

Personally, I think rating shots like this is unnecessary. With goalies facing 1800 to 2000 shots a year, any small variances in the number of high quality scoring chances faced is dwarfed by the total shots. Essentially, all goalies get easy shots, all goalies get tough shots. Not to mention that what's tough for one goalie is often easy for another. Some have great glove hands, so a high glove shot is an easy save for them. Some have trouble on wrap arounds, so that's a tough shot for them, but easy for others, etc.

Best of luck, it's a massive project.

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