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08-31-2010, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by mitchy22 View Post
Youtube it, don't think...just do it.

I don't see how these, aren't classics. (If you can actually cover another song and have it be a classic...Hindsight, that really doesn't make much sense and is probably overusing the term classic. If Coke can be classic, I guess anything can. Right now you are witnessing a classic abuse of a parenthetical.)

I feel like Pink Floyd fans wouldn't mind this.

I can't imagine how someone wouldn't get at least a little bit geared up from John Two Hawk in the middle of this song.

I have to stop abusing this thread, now. You'll have to go looking for more symphonic metal on your own.

Dude I listen to Sigur Ros (There Iceland's Radiohead before Radiohead went to crap) People think I am weird because I listen to a band that speaks no English.

Your musical preference has got to be the most strangest I have ever encountered

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