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09-01-2010, 01:48 AM
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Originally Posted by ChiTownHawks View Post
This is 100% what I am waiting for, the Ah hah! moment. I know once I get the feeling of that first stop I know I will be good.
Start with just gliding forward. Shift all your weight onto one foot and balance on the one blade. Then with no weight on your other foot, swing the no weight foot in front and let it just slide along the ice.

| |


To start out, no weight on that front foot and push your ankle forward so the blade is vertical, not at an angle. If the blade is vertical then it won't bite as much.



Once you get more confident, then more weight.

Once you get confident with the weight, then more angle.

Pushing the ankle forward to get my blade vertical was my "Ah hah!" moment. Forgot about that cause I don't do it anymore, but as a learning step it helped me alot. Kinda like training wheels.

I also got a shallower hollow for my skate sharpening (3/4") which made it easier to slide until my ankles and confidence were stronger.

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