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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
This post is largly inspired by the recent thread about Price supposedly ready to strike to get the money he is looking for and partly inspired by a point that both Whitesnake and Canadian_Brewtality brought up quite a while ago.

Is Carey Price destined to fail in Montreal solely based on everyone's perception that has been based on stuff speculated by the media?

After reading that thread it seemed to me that people are now looking for reasons to hate on Price. Has the damaged already been done? It looks like it and it's not even on these boards. My girlfriends 10 year old cousin and his friends already tell me that they "hate Carey Price" and when I ask them why, they respond by saying "I don't know, everyone hates him."

Do other people think this city is willing to give him a chance or do you think that everyone has already made up their minds in regards to Price?

When I read some posts, it looks like some people can't wait for him to fail or do something bad like sign a higher contract so that they can share their current feelings about Price.

It just seems really sad.

Important to note that this is just my perception of the situation and it doesn't necessarily mean that is what is happening. Also I would like to note that if your not ready to discuss the issue at hand and by that I mean not turning this into a Halak vs Price thread or a Gauthier is stupid thread or a Carey Price bashing thread please do us all a favor and just don't post in it.

Please mods leave this open and don't merge it with the Price strike thread and the actually premise of this post is quite different from the other thread and a whole other issue in and of itself.
I still think it's worse with Andrei Kostitsyn and when we first got Gomez even though he played well it was worse. (At least on HF)

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