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Originally Posted by ndgolden View Post
Before you get to far off track from the original thread topic. It appears you have the formula down for how players develop today and typically arrive at the NHL level.

Could you explain then, going back to the original thread topic of the three mentioned players, how Lee's choice has had a detrimental effect on his development? Correct me if I am wrong, but neither Bjugstad or Nelson left home early for Ann Arbor, Bjugstad did accelererate a yr. of HS. but both stayed and played for their respective HS teams.

Do you really think every player who leaves home early for Ann Arbor or Jrs. is now at an advantage in their development? I can site endless examples of players who left early and simply stopped developing because they were not ready, either physcially or mentally. Do you really think Nelson and Bjugstad are ready to step in this season and have a big impact for their respective programs.

What ever happened to actually dominating your current level of play before taking the next step. What ever happened to learning how to win, or be a leader on your team? The majority of these kids are accelerating their path only to spend a very extended period in the minor leagues until they figure it out, grow-up, toughen up or decide this is what they really want to do. Sadly, many of them don't. In the end its not how quickly you get to the NHL, its how long you stay there.

So If Lee is truly "behind the development curve" and is as raw as you say, just imagine what he might be able to do when IF develops his game by concentrating on hockey.

Since you have tried to discount all of his results from HS to USHL, I ask when does your highly valued "potential" take a back seat to actual "results" Because right now Lee has the results despite his very raw, primal skills. Which in the end may just be another definition for "potential"

This is an open forum, with all us able to express their opinions, but in your case you have always tried to discount Lee as a over-rated player. Only posting if someone has a positive impression of his skills, its very transparent, whether its this forum, MNhock, gopherpuck live, or the USCHO. Please also don't pretend to be some MN homer supporting your local players your agenda reads pretty clear.

I suggest you relax and enjoy the game. Its a good one.
Wow. Just wow. Did i wrong you or something?

Never said Lee made a bad choice. Never said he was over or under rated. With players like Lee you just need time. I am not going to get exited about one year. You can if you choose. It hurt his ranking. Not his devolpment. USHL is just fine. Would you rather have a 19 year old have NHL success, NCAA success, CHL success, or USHL success. Lee dominated the lowest level of competiton for his age level. Its good he dominated.

I watched Lee alot in high school.

He was a guy that relied on a lot of physical tools. He was just bigger stronger and could bully his way any where he wanted. Its a great trait. But hard to judnge just how far it will get him.

Lowering your head and crashin the net is not the best asset at #1 on your list. There were questions about his passing, descion making and all around hockey sense. He was a QB in HS and ran the option. He kept the ball most of the time, but did lead the state in TDs as well.

His USHL were great. Many great USHL players are gone after their draft year. Last year should have been Lee's freshmen year of college. They are outstanding numbers but many in his class were in college. Leddy, LeBlac, Kreider, Buddish, Palmeiri and so on.

He was a guy IMO that just had enough qustions to make him fall. Where was his heart. Several rumors that he wanted to go major D1 football but would play major D1 hockey before lower D1 football. Once other players caught him physicaly would be just an Erik Rasmussen type? I was surprised he fell that far. After a year in college the picture will really play out. Either he can be a powerforward or he is just a big boy on skates.

All i have said about Lee is. I want to wait and see. Thats all. Not bashing. The majority of NHL teams, by drafting, think the same way.

I get you agenda too. Derriere!

Its not to late to change your name to " Captain Blow it Out of Porportion."

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