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09-01-2010, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by HalakRulz View Post
His age has nothing to do with the start of his career. The start of his career was 3 years ago....more than enough time to develop into a solid NHL goalie, especially since he was apparently NHL ready like some people believe. Thats what bugs me, if he was NHL ready when he came to the Habs then we shouldn't have to see him struggle and get worse season after season. Thats the only problem I have with Price and his adoring fans. If he had improved his record and stats in each of the last 2 years like Halak did....well I'd be raving about Price too and standing behind him 100%....but he didn't so I don't understand why people are going crazy about him and saying he's gonna be awesome....he's done nothing to show that.
He has a career .912 save%, what exactly constitutes a "solid NHL goalie" to you? I agree Halak outplayed him but considering he's gone, that should have no bearing on your view of Price.

Originally Posted by HalakRulz View Post
IF he was NHL ready, he should have slowly progressed in each of the last 2 years, not gotten worse....right??
He had a very good rookie year, had a sophomore slump but he was definitely better last year than his second year. I'd call that progression.

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